Laravel Developer

Laravel Developer

Established in 1999 we have built up extensive experience in PHP coding and developing websites for Business clients. Laravel enables rapid development and results in fast, efficient, and secure websites trusted by the world’s largest brands. We have developed numerous projects in Laravel frameworks.

Example Laravel Projects

We have developed some highly advanced bespoke websites and applications using Laravel and integrated them with numerous API and PWA front ends.

Membership System for Martial Arts

Completely bespoke system built from the ground up, using Laravel. We connect to numerous API and use a custom built PWA front end that Instructors at Clubs throughout the UK can scan students in to lessons, maintain fire safety log, access medical data and monitor attendance and progress. 

The system has evolved over 3 years and has proven to be extremely secure and reliable. 

We built a dedicated website to showcase some it’s features at

Gas Billing & Customer Management

Completely bespoke system which runs numerous API and connects with EPOS systems, CRMs and Payment Gateways + internal Soap Server. 

Customer management system, billing control, tank monitoring, auto billing, DD management, deal generator for resign deals, discount code facility, custom messaging system and more. 

Recruitment Job Seeker System

Custom project for a Recruitment Firm who want to enable searchable data for job seekers. Custom Laravel project with a PWA front end. 

Engineer System

Custom Laravel project which allows multiple users to monitor tanks and perform on site administration. Manages photos, documents, signatures and centralises data for easy access across the organisation. Integrations with API, Epos and PipeDrive.

Quoting Engine

PWA front end with a Laravel Backend for Heating and Plumbing Engineers to visit customers and build quotes, even where internet connection is not available. 

System allows quote to build via a PWA and allows data and photos to be collected and quote to be generated when internet connection is established. 

Full customer management facilities, follow up processes, delegation to other engineers, booking in work flow and customer accept/decline functionality. 

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Laravel is recognised for its performance, efficiency, and resilience. This makes it an ideal framework of choice to develop with. Over 1.1 million websites worldwide are built using Laravel (Builtwith, 2019) and this number is continuously growing every day.

Laravel is a very secure system

Laravel is a secured framework which does not allow any malware activities or security threats to enter within the web app. That means your web app development code is safe and secure.

Open Source Framework

Laravel is an Open-Source project with a collaborative group that continually develops and improves. It is widely supported and recognised as a commercially robust application. 

Great for Traffic-Handling

As your business grows, so will the volume of traffic to your site. A website built in Laravel can handle website requests much quicker than most other frameworks. Laravel uses a unique message queue system, which means you can put-off certain website tasks such as sending emails until a later time. Being able to control time-consuming tasks means your website can process tasks quicker. And this not only keeps your website’s server healthy, but can also lower your hosting costs in the long-term.

Really Flexible

Laravel has the power to build a fully-fledged eCommerce site or a simple and professional B2B site. Due to its extensive pre-installed authorization libraries, it has the ability to create and support a variety of advanced features for your site, such as password reset and encryption. There are also a ton of third-party packages available to give your website a range of features and functionalities, such as Socialite which enables users to sign into your site using their social media profiles should you wish to integrate that option.

SEO/SEM Benefits

Unlike many other frameworks out there, Laravel supports caching for your website out-of-the-box which is great for boosting your site speed. To further enhance your website’s performance, Laravel makes other speed optimisation techniques, such as memory use reduction and database indexing really easy to implement. This makes Laravel an excellent choice for your business if site speed and SEO friendliness are some of your requirements.

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