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Joomla Developer

Joomla is an open-source platform that allows us to create websites and applications. It is a content management system (CMS) connected to a MySQLi, MySQL, or PostgreSQL database in order to make content management and delivery easier for both the site manager and visitor.

Who Uses Joomla

Joomla! is trusted by some of the world’s most well-known companies and much-loved brands as well as millions of websites throughout the world! 2 Million + websites on the internet today run Joomla and at the time of writing, it has been downloaded over 100 Million times. 

Joomla vs WordPress

Joomla launched in 2005 as a revised version of Mambo and has always been a CMS platform designed to create portal-style websites. WordPress was launched in 2004 but was created for the purpose of a blog originally, however today, it has become a fully-fledged CMS system in its own right with comparable features. 

Experts in Joomla

Our servers are configured to support auto-installation, auto-upgrade and cloning of the Joomla platform. In addition, we have extensive experience in Joomla having worked within it since version 1.0. We can install, configure, design and create custom applications for Joomla, to support your specific business requirements. 

How much experience do you have?

We have worked with Joomla since 2006 and continue to host and maintain websites. We have created websites for various sectors including the music industry, retail sector, energy and martial arts industries. Our servers are formatted to support Joomla systems and we operate Softaculous to allow customers to easily install, maintain and clone Joomla websites via their cPanels. 

Do you recommend Joomla over WordPress?

We are happy to recommend both, depending on the requirements you specify. Ultimately the advice we give, regarding which system you use, comes from our understanding of your needs and identifying which system is most suitable for your purpose. 

For multi-user, multi-level, portal-style websites, Joomla remains a highly efficient platform.

In our opinion, and in most cases, WordPress is the easier system for users to manage. There is a greater learning curve with Joomla for the majority of website owners. 

Can you help us maintain Joomla?

Yes, we are happy to help manage your existing Joomla! website. We do prefer to host the website, although we can work with your existing host if required. 

The reason we prefer to host on our own servers, is because we have a two-tier backup system which makes it easy for us to revert websites to a prior state in the event of a problem.

If we are working on 3rd party hosting, we charge more due to additional manual processes e.g taking manual backups of files and databases, which would otherwise be automatic on our own servers.

Speak to us about your requirements on 0800 756 9975 

Can you help us upgrade an older version?

We can, but this would need investigation. One of the disadvantages of Joomla over WordPress is the upgrade path via major versions e.g 1.5 to 2, 2.5 to 3 etc. These major versions have wide implications and are not straight forward. 

We tend to clone the existing website and perform the upgrade in a development area. We can then assess the workload once the main Joomla core and database has been updated. We then update themes, plugins, modules etc and audit the website to assess what work is required. 

It is highly likely, if you are looking to upgrade from an EoL (end of life version) to a later version e.g 3.8, that you are aware of the complexities. 

Contact us on 0800 756 9975 to discuss this further.

Can you SEO our Joomla site?

Yes, we can help with SEO of your Joomla website. We would need to carry out a full audit of your website and any plugins you use, before discussing options with you. 

We have a number of Joomla websites which successfully rank and will be happy to assist you with Search Optimisation. 

For an idea of costs, please see our dedicated SEO website, or call us on 0800 756 9975

Can you recommend payment gateways?

Yes. We always point our clients to Stripe. We have been resellers with many others but Stripe and Go Cardless are the best in our opinion. 

We proactively warn clients not to use Worldpay and would not recommend their services. 

Can you restore our hacked Joomla site?

This depends on a few factors but we are able to help.

If you are hosted on our servers, it will be a whole lot easier, as we have two-tier backups in place and a daily backup running with a 6 month archive in Amazon S3. If we need, we can restore a previous backup, prior to the hack and patch the site to avoid it being re-hacked. 

If you are not on our servers, we would need to investigate your hosting facilities and ascertain whether backups are available. If they are, we can restore a clean copy, secure and get you up and running quickly. 

Worst case scenario, is where you have no backups. In this case, it is much more difficult but not impossible to solve. We would need to take a copy of your existing website and it’s database, run a copy of it in a secure area in our offline development servers and ascertain the damage. 

The price to fix a hacked website depends on the time it takes to fix it. Call us on 0800 756 9975 to discuss options. 


Can you help us secure our Joomla site?

Yes, we can definitely help with this in a number of ways. We can tackle it from both the hosting/server side and the website itself.

If you host on our servers, you already benefit from hardened servers running CloudLinux, KernelCare, Imunify 360+, CSF and a hardware firewall + Amazon S3 and R1 backups. 

If you don’t host with us, we would hope, your host is as vigilant as we are and we would look to install and configure a range of tools to secure your Joomla website. 

We can install and configure a range of tools:

  1. Website Firewall
  2. Website AntiVirus Scanner
  3. Modified Admin Login
  4. IP LockDown Policy
  5. .htaccess Adjustments
  6. Database Adjustments
  7. User Audit and Adjustments
  8. Hosting File Scanner and Change Detection

Contact us to discuss your requirements on 0800 756 9975

Can you provide examples of your work?

Sure, take a look at some of the example Joomla sites displayed on the right. If you would like to agree a time with us, we are happy to show you some example sites and give you a walk through, via a remote session. We have a video conferencing tool and can invite you to a FREE walkthrough session where we can demonstrate our work and answer any questions you have. 

Which areas do you cover?

We can (and do) support customers anywhere in the UK. We have thousands of clients, built up over our 20 years in business (formed in 1999) and believe it or not, we have only met a small percentage of our customers.

Contacting us is easy, especially nowadays with high speed internet. We can talk on the phone, video conference, skype, whatsapp, use Trello or if necessary, meet in person. No problem. 

We are based in the Midlands, in a small village called Maidwell. It’s in Northamptonshire, but we are nearer to Market Harborough than Northampton. We came from Surrey / London area in 2007 and over the last 10 years have built up more customers in the local area, but continue to support clients in Wales, Manchester, London, Devon and Isle of Man.

We get business via Word of Mouth, which maybe explains why we deal with so many clients, throughout the UK. Phone us on 0800 756 9975 to have a chat.

Example Joomla Sites

Here is a selection of client Joomla Websites. We customise 3rd party themes, create custom themes, and can create custom plugins for any application you require. Call us on 0800 756 9975 with any enquiry.

Experienced Joomla Developers

We have extensive experience working with Joomla and can install, configure, design, and create custom applications to support your specific business requirements.

Joomla Optimised Servers

Our dedicated servers are optimised for high-performance delivery. We operate a maintenance platform to manage security patches and updates and support CDN and Cache systems to speed up delivery even further. 

Based in Maidwell, equidistant between Market Harborough and Northampton. Helping local and national businesses with website design, development and marketing.

Joomla Technical Support

With 20+ years in web development and experience with Joomla since 2006, we are well established to support you efficiently. 

0800 756 9975

Call our FREE Phone for Professional Advise on new websites, updates, upgrades, and custom additions.

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