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W.E.B.S Ltd are a professional team of web developers based in Maidwell, Northamptonshire with 20 years commercial experience. We are located equidistant between Market Harborough and Northampton and specialise in PHP/MySQL development and popular Open Source applications including WordPress, WooCommerce, Joomla and OpenCart (among others).

Whether you seek a single webpage, complex multi user CMS platform or an online shop with E-Commerce facilities, we can offer a professional solution backed by highly skilled website designers, developers and marketing specialists.

We pride ourselves in our no-nonsense approach. We talk common sense and advise our customers of the best way to do business online.

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We build websites optimised for great SEO from the beginning. We optimise the codebase, images and JS/CSS files as standard and recommend customers use a Cache Optimiser and CDN from the very beginning (although we can deploy these at any point). If you seek a straight talking, experienced web developer, get in touch.


We create websites built with a good structure, clean codebase, optimised images and files.

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We create websites built with a good structure, clean codebase, optimised images and files.

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We create websites built with a good structure, clean codebase, optimised images and files.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the websites you build SEO friendly?

When we discuss a website with a client, we cover the important elements of setting up a website correctly from the start. We ensure the permalink structure is correct, the menu and page links are organised properly and the site has the basic meta content in place before launch.

If requested, we can perform a technical SEO service which takes this a step further by installing and configuring cache tools, code compression, image optimisers and a remote CDN. In addition we install Yoast SEO which allows you to perform basic onsite SEO.

Once any website goes live, it is up to the site owner to invest (time or money) into marketing the website. This is something we can help with if you require, or you can take on yourselves, if you are able.

If you wish to discuss ongoing SEO beyond site launch, you can speak to us on 0800 756 9975.

Which website platform do you recommend?

We tend to use WordPress for the majority of jobs, although sometimes we use Joomla. We find that WordPress is the most scalable, user friendly and easiest for us to support ongoing.

Our objective is to build something functional, professional looking and easy for our customers to maintain themselves.

Do you use themes or create custom designs?

We use both. If a customer approaches us with graphic design layouts for a design, with strict guidelines (and a suitable budget), we will create a custom theme.

Custom Design Advantages: Lightweight code and only the necessary plugins required to facilitate the design.

Custom Design Disadvantages: Cost and a need to approach us for new features in future.

We do use themes and carefully select ones which allows us to configure the design to suit your needs. We always use a child theme and develop the look and feel to suit your requirements and can achieve a bespoke look, for less cost.

Theme Advantages: Lower cost, more facilities as standard and ongoing support, upgrades and security patches from the theme developer.

Theme Disadvantages: Code bloat (which can be managed efficiently with Cache tools and compression work).

Can you build custom web applications?

Yes, most definitely. We have built a number of applications for customers including tank monitoring system, customer resign platform, salesman management app, student membership system, white label multi-domain website, domain mapping system and numerous api integrations.

Can you support our existing website?

In most cases, yes. It will depend on the framework, application and criteria of your request. We mainly support WordPress and Joomla sites with our automated maintenance engine, however, we do have customers on Symfony framework and other systems, which need more specialist care.

To find out, please phone us to discuss your requirements. Call 0800 756 9975.

Do we have to use you for hosting?

No, we are prepared to develop your website for you and deploy onto your own hosting. We do prefer to develop on our servers and then migrate and we will offer you a deal, to move hosting to us.

Ultimately, hosting your website with us makes it easier for us to support you and we have full root access to our servers. In addition, we have the peace of mind that if we need to, we have 2-tier backup systems in place.

Can we manage page content after it's built?

Absolutely. We aim to give our clients absolute control. We tend to provide two user accounts at the end of the development process:

  1. Master admin account
  2. User management account

The master account has FULL access rights and can make all changes. We advise customers file this and do not use it for day to day use.

The user management account only gives you access to what you need. Mostly, this means the ability to manage images, documents, videos, pages, posts and users. All admin tools, which are not used regularly, or at all, are hidden from this profile.

You can add/edit/delete content as you need.

How much do you charge for additional work?

This depends on what you need. We quote on extra work beyond the original website specification and agree with you before proceeding.

For regular customers who know how we work, we use our project management system (available from your account area in our client portal) to time clock jobs. We bill for work carried out down to the last minute and second.

Who owns the rights to the website?

You own the look and feel and all content. The actual CMS system e.g WordPress is Open Source.

In simple terms, once you pay us for the website build, it is yours. Most ongoing costs tend to be domain renewal, website hosting renewals, SSL, e-mail etc.

Do you provide any guarantees?

Once we agree a project with a client, we set up a project management area and Trello board. You are involved throughout the design process and the website is launched once you have tested it thoroughly and signed it off.

Normally, we are happy to fix any minor issues within 1 month of a website being launched. This strictly excludes anything extra which is clearly over and above the original project spec.

Beyond this, we are happy to support our customers on an unlimited basis. Any additional work carried out is chargeable.

Can you maintain the website for us?

We do provide a maintenance service which ensures your website is secure, up to date and has all security patches applied. In addition, we can offer technical support to solve problems and add new features.

What types of website do you manage?

We work with many open source applications such as WordPress (self-hosted version) although we do build custom Laravel applications. We have 20 years of experience building websites and are expert in various languages.

How long will it take to rank in the search engines?

This depends on many factors but we would expect to see a website rank within 3 – 4 weeks approximately, however, this depends on how the site launch is managed. We advise customers either take the following on, or ask us to do it for them (at additional cost):

  1. Add site to Google Search Console
  2. Submit site map to GSC
  3. Configure appropriate site SEO tools e.g Yoast
  4. Configure Google Analytics
  5. Add to Google Places
  6. Create Social Media Profiles
  7. Perform Link Building
  8. Perform E-Mail Marketing
  9. Deliver regular Social Content

Promotion of your website is vital, especially if you work in a competitive area.

Your website will be built professionally and has the capability to rank without you doing anything, BUT, it assumes that you have good quality content on your site and relevant internal and external links.

If you need help with marketing your website, we can help. Call us on 0800 756 9975.

How do we interact with you during the project?

We use Trello for all client collaboration work. We set up various cards to help us track progress and interact with you every step of the way.

For those customers unfamiliar with Trello, we will give you a tutorial overview, however it’s very simple to understand.

Every aspect of the development cycle is managed through the Trello board. You are kept in the loop and updated as we add and complete tasks.

We also specific development points in our work calendar and invite you to these booked in times and dates, so you know exactly when we are working for you.

Can we meet to discuss the website?

Yes. Prior to any meeting, we require a SoR (Statement of Requirements) in order to understand your objectives and requirements. It is important for us to know, prior to any meeting, that you have thought about how the website will look and function, it’s objectives and goals and any custom functionality you require.

If you do not yet have a website plan of action (SoR) or evidence of planning, we will (at our discretion) agree to meet in order to help you plan your website and support you in the planning stage, however, our time is chargable.

Please call us on 0800 756 9975 to discuss this.

Can you provide references?

Absolutely. We have been working in this industry since 1999 and are happy for you to contact any of our customers. We do not disclose our customer portfolio online, as this has been abused in the past by unscrupulous sales people and spammers, so we will divulge references on request.

We are happy to give you 5 – 10 random clients that you can contact, to discuss our suitability. *Please check our Google Business page for genuine customer reviews also.

Website Creation for Businesses, enabling you to trade On-Line

Functional websites which look professional, are simple to use and allow the end-user to find what they want, quickly and efficiently.

Simple. Effective. Professional

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WordPress website for Relaxation sector

The website Justin wrote for me looks really impressive and I’m getting great positive feedback from others looking at it. I’m sure it will help my business with moving forward. Justin was very quick at doing any work requested, even when he had other commitments, with patient professionalism and efficiency. I thought his development costs were very fair too.

Hazel Bate / RFLM

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