There are various ways of building a website that caters for more than one language. Obviously, being a UK based company, most of our client websites are written in our native language, English. However, with the internet making worldwide business more accessible, translating your website into other languages can be highly beneficial.

The quick and dirty method

If you have a Joomla or WordPress website, we can install plugins which automate translations into lots of different languages for you. Some of these are better than others and whilst they do the job, the term ‘pigeon english’ springs to mind. The translations are handled by one of a couple translators by babelfish or google translator and they just about do the job, but a native speaker from another country will know you chose the cheap n dirty method …

Typical costs to include this method: approx £50 – £100

Example Website:

Properly Translated Multilingual Websites

If you are serious about doing business online internationally, you need to translate your pages properly. We can install a software package which allows us to author multilingual variants of your pages and articles. Your articles and pages will appear in english as standard, but with a new facility to enter a proper translated version of the page. Upon selecting a language from the front end, the client can view the website with a proper translation of the english page.

Typical costs to include this method: varies. call us on 0800 756 9975

Factors to consider: A formal translator for each language must be hired (by you, or by us). For Arabic, there needs to be a support for RTL (right to left)

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