As a company, we have been building websites for business customers since 1999 and have expertise in providing Martial Arts websites to suit clubs in the UK.

Background in Martial Arts

I am the owner and Managing Director of W.E.B.S Ltd and I have always been interested in Martial Arts. I have been involved with Northampon Taekwon-Do for the last 6 years and have previous experience in Kick Boxing, Wing Tsun Kung Fu and Small Circle Jujitsu. I am interested in all martial arts but have experience in a few listed here.

All martial arts clubs have something in common. Students who attend lessons each week, monthly tuition fee’s, grading fee’s and seminars. The websites that we provide through W.E.B.S Ltd address the needs of martial arts clubs, whatever style they are involved in.

Martial Arts Website Features

Here are the top 10 facilities we provide for Martial Arts Websites in the UK


Professional Martial Arts Website Platforms

In the main, we choose to deploy martial arts club websites using joomla or wordpress. In some cases, bespoke platforms are deployed. In all cases, the martial arts club website will include a full suite of CMS (content management system) tools. Clubs can manage an un-limited amount of pages with staggered access for public, members and instructors.


Custom Theme for Each Martial Arts Club Website

We will provide you with a professional theme to suit your club. The format will be responsive / mobile friendly and suit all modern browsers. The design will allow you full control to expand content over time with total control over menus, page layouts, images, text, video and audio.


Membership Registration and Management

We provide the tools which allow a club to sign-up students with a annual membership, or monthly. The membership can be free or paid for and can have trial periods. The membership platform allows clubs to control their students access to the website and for example, paid students with an active membership can access locked areas. We can offer a wide range of access controls for clubs.


Events Booking System for Martial Arts

Most clubs run gradings, seminars, competitions, fund raisers etc and we provide the tools for martial arts clubs to display their events in a number of ways. The event booking system allows students to book their places at club events. Wide range of facilities which we can tailor to suit your needs.


Club Forums *Public or Locked/Both

We provide access to highly functional club forums which allow student chat. The forums can include as much control as you require and we liase with you to tie down the permissions to suit your needs.


E-Commerce for Club Shops

If your martial arts club needs to sell sparring kit, clothing etc, we can provide you with a fully loaded e-commerce shopping cart all included within the main martial arts club website. The cost depends on whether we are configuring the shop or just installing it. Call us for details.


News Letter Integrations

We can provide your martial arts club with custom newsletter facilities or we can integrate with mail chimp. Either way, we can give you the tools to effectively market to your prospect and active student base.


Social Networking Integration

We can automatically feed data to / from your Facebook, twitter and google + accounts. In the case of the Taekwon-Do clubs we manage, the websites auto feed all twitter posts onto the website as well as text all active students. This is perfect for instant updates and communications e.g competition live updates.


Training Materials and Videos

Full support for embedded videos of patterns, sparring etc and these can be streamed from youtube or embedded directly as HTML5 videos.


Scan & Monitor Facilities coming soon

We are currently working towards a student bar code scanning system which monitors student attendance and provides students and instructors with access to real time information. This enables close control over eligibility to grade e.g time base attendance or stamp based attendance controls.

Typical Services

Membership Systems

We can provide a student membership system for controlled access to a website. Lock learning content and make it only accessible to paid up students or those with a valid account. Flexible and can be free or paid for memberships.

Event Booking System

Allow your students to book gradings, seminars, private tuition, social events and more. We can provide the tools to allow you to populate unlimited events throughout the year with secure payment processing.

Student Purchasing

Need to sell club kit? We can set you up with your own e-commerce store which is locked to students or dual purpose public/student shop. Mobile responsive e-commerce web shop to further promote your club online.

Student Forums

Club forums are perfect for sharing learning material, videos etc and allowing junior / beginner students to seek answers to their questions from senior grades. Locked or public accessible forums are ideal for club chat.

Social Configuration

Are you tweeting to your club? If not, why not. We can help you to co-ordinate facebook, twitter and linked in to make your communications to club members effective and professional.

Custom Programming

Need something bespoke? Depending on budget, we can provide a custom programming solution and write applications to suit your specific requirement. Contact us directly for information on FREE Phone 0800 756 9975.