Improved solutions and upgrades implemented

Over the past couple of months we have upgraded our primary web-servers to include additional facilities. As part of our natural security maintenance, we have added facilities to help our customers manage their websites more easily.

Upgrades July 2013

  • PHP Upgraded to 5.4.17
  • MySQLi Support Added
  • MySQL 5.5 Installed
  • Single Click Installer Suite Added
  • R1 Soft Enterprise Backup System

Those customers wishing to run the latest Joomla 3.0 can now do so without any issues, choosing to utilise MySQLi if they prefer.

The One Click Installer suite has gone down very well. Each one of our customers can now locate a wide range of software solutions inside their CPanel area, which allows them to install hundreds of software applications at the click of a button. Not only can you install the latest versions, but you can select to have them auto-patched or be notified when new versions are released.

Open Cart 1.5.6 Released

The latest version of Open Cart has been released which includes new payment gateways and the cool Open Bay Pro system for close integration with eBay, Amazon and Play.

We fully support the Open Cart platform and this powerhouse of e-commerce goes from strength to strength. Now your e-commerce site can not only display your product range on major retailer websites but all of your sales can auto-feed into the superb accounts system XERO.

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