Reasons to Outsource Social Media Delivery

Reasons to Outsource Social Media Delivery

Social Media to enhance your Business

We create / deliver and optimise your Social Media presence to boost awareness & traffic

Why should I use WEBS?

We are passionate about what we do and can help your business navigate the world of Social Media effectively. Read through the information on this page or call us on 0800 756 9975 to arrange a meeting, and let us show you what we can do.

Save time, money and hassle. Let us do the work for you. 

Most clients could do the majority of work themselves, but most of them don’t have the time and inclination to do it properly? We are experts in Digital Marketing and understand Social Media. We can perform the Social Media delivery professionally and more effectively, reducing the time and learning curve for you.

We plan, prepare & schedule, so you don’t have to

We carefully research, plan and create social media posts which are distributed at optimum times. We schedule time each month to ensure your social media delivery is maintained properly.

We aim to understand your business, identifying key areas to promote. We create graphics along with professionally written posts to drive traffic into the relevant areas of your business. We identify popular hashtags and ensure your content is delivered to those within the most relevant areas of your industry.

We prepare a range of topics

Unless specified otherwise this is the process we work to:

  • Targetted: Daily Posts (text only)
  • Targetted: Daily Posts (text with image)
  • Generic Industry: Daily Posts (text only)
  • Generic: Daily Posts (text only)
Targetted and Generic
We create targeted posts specifically to your industry, alongside generic post to promote general user engagement.
Generic Posts
We operate a large number of generic posts, these include quotes from business leaders and influential people. Generic posts act as fillers and keep a regular social delivery occurring.
We understand Social Media rules
Most people understand that Twitter should not be used for selfless promotion. Your posts should be a mixture with 80% covering industry-related or useful information / quotes etc and 20% for self-promotion. All of it drives awareness of your overall social profile and the more people who follow, the wider your audience becomes.

You (and your staff) should post to social media. We can help you to setup mobile, tablet and desktop devices (on request) and you can post whenever it suits you. In addition, you should interact with customers, answer questions and get involved to make yourself more recognised on social media. Some of the reasons below might give you an idea how you can get involved:

  • Post a photo of a completed product / project
  • Upload a photo / video
  • Promote an upcoming event
  • Inform users of an award

Our Clients recognise the need but lack the skills

We work day in, day out with SEO and Social Media. It’s our job. The type of clients we deal with, don’t have the staff, time or skills to manage an effective social media strategy. We come up with the strategies, deliver the social messages and manage the campaign. You manage the enquiries.

How do you keep me in the loop?

We use Trello for all our project management work. Each client is invited to a specially designed project board which we use throughout the whole process. It gives us a simple interface to coordinate effectively with you via a cloud platform. You can login and review our work, reports, comments and post your own questions at a time which suits you.

We educate, encourage and utilise your knowledge

In some cases, clients let us just get on with the job. Others, wish to be more involved. If you need us to show your staff how to feed company news into the social stream, let us know. We are happy to educate and support your staff to coordinate and enhance the social activities we drive for your business.

More questions or prefer to talk?

Pick up the phone and call Free now on 0800 756 9975

Social Media creates new opportunities for your Business

Don’t just ‘tick the box’ once you have set-up a Social Presence. Get involved, interact and create new opportunities.

What are the benefits of using social media marketing?

Like the fax machine of the 1980s and email of the 2000s, Social media marketing has gone from being a “business option” to being a “business essential”, but you still have time to get ahead of your competitors.

The main benefits of running a social media campaign are:

  1. Expose your brand to a wider audience
    A well run social media campaign will expose your company and it’s brand to a wider audience, this will deliver more traffic to key areas of your business
  2. Create Awareness
    The correct use of Social Media will allow you to build relationships and give greater visibility to your business activities online
  3. Beat the Competition
    Surprisingly, many businesses we take on, still have numerous competitors who fail to utilise social media. This is a weakness which you should aim to exploit. Your own activity on social media can (and will) pick up new customers
  4. Grow your marketing power
    It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any followers to start with, as our campaigns will drive topics into popular conversations which give exposure to your business. We monitor and analyse suitable topics and groups for your business and involve your social content within their streams. Over time, as your audience grows, the social media channel will become much more effective for you
  5. Improving your authority
    Be seen to be helpful and deliver social content which helps your customers and others online. This is where the 80/20 rule comes in and it’s important to be seen to be a leader in your field, helpful and informative. Your input at this stage will pay dividends in the long run
  6. Return on investment
    The benefits of social media is widely acknowledged and google search criteria now take into consideration social awareness. Your investment in our service to create and maintain a professional social stream for your business will pay for itself in no time. The increased exposure and benefits to your business online will guarantee a good R.O.I for your business.
  7. Benefits to SEO
    Google is increasingly leveraging ‘social signals’ as a ranking factor and although there is no hard evidence at the moment, it’s widely acknowledged that it has a bearing on how popular your website is. Mentions and links in social media have an immediate advantage to you on the social channels, but these posts and links are indexed and add value to your overall SEO strategy. If we are doing SEO for you, this is something you should be (and probably are) utilising
  8. Increased Website Traffic
    Even when your social profile has no followers, the delivery of carefully planned and deployed social content into popular conversations will generate traffic and exposure. Users can like, share, interact or click on posts in popular topics which increases the flow of traffic into your website. Most social delivery is targetted to your business and it’s products / services but even the generic tweets give you exposure and can attract new followers and leads. As your social profile grows, so will your overall traffic to the website.