G-Suite users have received an e-mail from Google with very little information, to explain the situation. You are being asked to login and review/accept new agreements via the G-Suite console. The information below sheds a little more light on the situation.

"Google has improved its privacy policy after the Dutch Data Protection Authority threatened the company with a 15 million euro fine, the Authority reported on Thursday.

According to the Authority, Google has already applied a number of the suggested measures, AD reports. The internet giant has updated the information on its privacy policy and now also asks new users' permission to combine their personal data throughout Google services.

Google used personal information and cookies from videos watched, search history and read emails to generate personalized ads without consent from the user. This happened without Google asking the user's permission to do so.

So far Google has not been forced to pay the up to 15 million euros fine. But the company may still face a fine of up to 5 million euros if it does not get the permission of Google-users to combine their personal data by December, according to AD."

Thursday, October 12, 2017

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