£75.00 GBP

EU Cookie Website Audit
Further to the new EU cookie law imposed on website owners, we offer a website audit for £75 + vat to identify what cookies are used on your website and provide you with a report documenting which cookies are in use and by which company. This information will hep you learn what is required to become compliant with the new cookie laws.
£150.00 GBP

EU Cookie Audit Pro
In addition to the standard audit which we charge £75 + vat for, this service will audit your website, create a cookie policy document which we install onto your website and install a cookie detection and on-page opt in / out tool which will fit website requirements for the EU law.
£30.00 GBP

30 Minutes Remote Support
Initial charge of £30.00 + vat for 30 minutes remote desktop support + phonecall. This fee is charged to support third party applications and computer assistance.
If support over 30 minutes is required, additional costs will be agreed before proceeding. Our hourly rate is £50.00 + vat.