Minor DNS Outage

Yesterday afternoon we experienced a short outage on our DNS servers due to an upgrade on our network. For your information, all servers on our network are now fully operational and run enhanced security to improve performance of website hosting for all customers.  KernelCare We have installed KernelCare to allow upgrades to take place without ... Read More »

22nd Jan 2019
GDPR Statement

We have been working towards full compliance and today, 18th Apri 2018, finalised our compliance. Our GDPR roadmap and statement is available here and our privacy policy and full terms are available here. Our systems are now GDPR compliant and we expunge inactive client data as standard, after 18 months. You are able to opt out of any marketing ... Read More »

23rd Jan 2018
G-Suite DPA Email Update

G-Suite users have received an e-mail from Google with very little information, to explain the situation. You are being asked to login and review/accept new agreements via the G-Suite console. The information below sheds a little more light on the situation."Google has improved its privacy policy after the Dutch Data Protection Authority ... Read More »

12th Oct 2017
Minor Outage

Intermittent connectivity issue to Nottingham DC IP range [Resolved] Resolved This has been traced to a network attack against the affected range, the source of the attack been identified and blocked and as a result traffic to the range is now flowing normally. Apologies for any inconvenience this may have ... Read More »

5th Sep 2017
China Registry Scam

A number of customers have received e-mails from a Chinese Registry claiming that a person or company is attempting to register domain name(s) which conflict with your brand or trademarks.This is a known scam and has been around for some time. You can simply ignore these type of emails and add them to your spam list. We advise you DO NOT ... Read More »

21st Jul 2017
2FA Two Factor Authentication

As part of our continual effort to ensure optimum security on our servers, we have enabled 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) which protects your account area from un-authorised access. Next time you login, you will be invited to set up 2FA with us. Overview of how it worksUsing Google Authenticator or Authy app on your Android or Apple Smartphone, ... Read More »

10th Jul 2017
Google Chrome Insecure Websites

We knew 12 months ago this was coming, but as of right now, Google Chrome will display your website as 'Insecure' unless you serve pages over HTTPS

Read our blog here

30th Jan 2017
Server Outages over Christmas

I am writing to update all customers who have sites hosted on our primary dedicated box (dev.awebserver.co.uk) regarding two service interruptions over the christmas period. Although these issues are resolved, I wish to advise what happened, what caused it and how it can be avoided in future.On Christmas Day, three websites were exploited (all ... Read More »

3rd Jan 2016
FREE Social Media Panel Launched

Finally, the FREE version of our Social Manager is available here so sign up for FREE, no catch and you can manage your social media profiles from one place. Yes, there are options to upgrade and some adverts floating about but heh, what do you expect for free .... We hope you will sign up to the pro panel for the full system but many users are ... Read More »

15th Oct 2015