Affiliate Scheme

Affiliate Scheme

Earn Money with our Affiliate Scheme

Word of mouth has been a big thing for us from day 1 when we started back in 1999. As such, we feel that an affiliate scheme will allow those who refer business to us, to be paid a commission for their referral. Whilst we primarily run the affiliate scheme for our existing customers, it’s not exclusive to them. Anyone can sign up and refer business to us, in exchange for some hard earned cash.

How does it work ?

Existing customers of awebserver can activate the affiliate scheme by logging in here. If you don’t yet have an account, you can create one here. Once you have logged into your account, you will be able to activate your affiliate account which will provide you with a unique tracking URL plus optional text links and banner links. You can either put these on part of your website or use them yourself to sign new customers up. Each and every customer who signs up via your unique URL will be logged in your account, tracked and commision will be paid against every completed sale which comes through your link.

How much can i earn?

The actual amount depends on how many customers you refer and how much they spend, but we pay 10% commission on all referrals. Some of our customers have earned over £675 in commission so far and there is no capped limit. The simple fact is, the more business we do as a result of your referrals, the more commission you will earn. Every single click and completed sale is logged and you can monitor this whenever you wish via your control panel in the affiliate area of your account. It’s easy to set-up and simple to start earning.

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