Integrating Open Cart with Xero Accounting Software

Introducing Xero Accounting

We have been building websites since 1999 and the last couple of years have seen major changes in how our clients operate their websites and interface with their accounts system. Up until now, those of our clients with a larger budget have paid for bespoke development to link website to accounting software and it has never been a straight forward process, until now.

We are switching lots of our clients onto Open Cart which is an excellent open source e-commerce application, that provides a wide range of tools for selling on-line. In addition we are offering a full API integration via Open Cart to the hugely popular XERO accounting platform. For those that don’t yet know of XERO, it’s a cloud based accounting platform which is beautifully created and perfect for business owners who need a flexible, easy to use accounting system. For years we have seen customers struggle with the likes of Quickbooks and Sage which are expensive, inflexible and often inadequate when it comes to syncing data between website and accounts package.

Data Entry and Data Re-Entry

Almost all of our clients at some point, have been faced with a busy website that generates invoices which need to be manually re-entered, into an accounts system. When we analyzed how much time our clients were spending re-entering data, it was shocking. A few years ago we started writing data exporters which allowed customers to export client and order data in a format that suited their accounts software. This is fine, but it still requires manual intervention and our clients just want to get on with managing their sites, removing any need to re-enter data whatsoever.

Introducing the Open Cart to XERO Accounting Solution

Our API solution will connect your Open Cart website to the Xero Accounts platform in a secure and proficient manor. Every hour, we automatically push relevant data into your accounts system and if necessary pull data back from it, to update Open Cart orders.

  • Push Customer Data into Xero
  • Push Order Data into Xero
  • Push Payment Data into Xero
  • Push Product Data into Xero

The API connector will send over new customers with a complete data set, along with sales orders, payment receipts and if selected, all of your products into the Xero system enabling you to manage stock effectively.

  • Pull Payment Data from Xero into Open Cart
  • Pull Stock Levels from Xero into Open Cart
  • Pull Product Data from Xero into Open Cart

This two way sync will save you hours of work in data re-entry. The sync tool logs all actions and invoices pushed into Xero can either be sent as authorised or drafts, so you remain in control of the final checking. Either way, the time spent in data entry and is removed in one foul swoop.

Case Study

Although not the norm, as many of our customers are small business owners, but one particularly busy website owner is paying £1500 per month for an on-site book keeper to manage his accounts and data entry practices. There are so many invoices being raised, they have been manually copying and pasting data to re-enter into sage. This has been completely made redundant by our API link after moving them onto the Open Cart platform and setting them up with Xero. Whilst most companies are not spending anything like this, on just data entry, there are many who are spending far too many hours on these processes when they could be spending the time generating extra business through their website.

A Video Introduction to Xero

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We are offering this API connector tool to customers for £20 per month including FREE set-up. This monthly cost covers the ongoing development of the API and expansion over time to include new features.