The END of Cheque Payments has come ….


As from the 31st October 2013, W.E.B.S Ltd will no longer accept cheque payments for any of our services. In addition, direct payments into our bank account will be limited to certain services.

The reason for this change

Some customers choose to pay by BACS / Direct Bank Transfer which is fine. However, this bypasses the automated system we have in operation on our website for the registration and renewal of domain names. In the case of domain names and hosting / services it is vital that your invoice is paid on time and ONLY card payments will automatically and instantly, renew your services.

  1. Cheques take a long time to arrive and must be paid in manually
  2. Cheques can be lost in the post
  3. Bank Transfers are often sent without remittance advise
  4. Bank Transfers are often made too late

In order for our system to renew your services, we must reconcile the payment via our bank account. This is NOT done daily.

It is essential to renew your domain names early! In the case of UK names, there is a fair system in place which suspends your domain name and allows you time to renew it past the expiry date, in the event of non / late payment. This is NOT the case for international domain names where late payments will risk the total loss of your domain. Domain names that pass their expiry date risk excessive redemption fee’s charged by the international registrar (as much as £250)

Our domain and hosting registry is fully automatic but this only works if debit / credit cards are used to settle invoices. When a domain name or hosting service comes up for renewal, payment by card will immediately renew the domain name and extend the registration period. This is NOT the case when payment is made into our bank account.

If you wish to pay by Bank Transfer, this is fine, but you MUST:

  1. Pay at least 14 days prior to the renew date of your service(s) or domain(s)
  2. Submit a remittance advise to us directly via

Failure to this leaves you exposed to losing your domain name(s). If this happens, we will NOT accept any responsibility!

An adjustment to our Terms and Conditions

As from 31st October 2013, we will pro-actively decline cheques. In the event of you sending a cheque to us, this will be destroyed or marked ‘return to sender’ via royal mail. In regard to bank payments and as stated above, we will accept them but you MUST provide a remittance advise and ensure your payment arrives 14 days before the due date. We will NOT be responsible for any failure to renew a domain name or service loss due to payments made via bank or cheque. 

On-Line Security

We take on-line security very seriously. We do NOT hold your credit cards on file and the information you enter is totally secured and is a direct one to one communication with Streamline via their website. Our card save interface is PCI compliant and fully secured over SSL.

Final Note

Please understand that we take the responsibility of managing your domain name(s) and service(s) seriously. This action has been taken to avoid avoidable loss of domain names, where customers make payments by cheque (which are lost in the post) or bank payments (which are not advised by remittance, nor picked up in time).

This notice primarily effects domain name(s) and hosting service(s).

We will happily take payment for website work, SEO work and other design services in the normal way. This notice purely addresses the issue of domain name renewals and late / lost payments.