Provide Support with Live Chat

Websites provide information but sometimes they fail to provide the right information at the right time, while a potential client is on your site. This is where Live Chat comes in and we thoroughly recommend it. Instant, on demand access to someone who can help.

See who is on your website and what they are looking at

Monitor all your website visitors in real time with Geo-Location Map. Get to know your customers’ current location, what systems they use, how they discovered your website and what pages they are viewing. You can even use the co-browser tool to watch exactly what pages they navigate, as they navigate.

What does Live Chat offer your business

  • Increased website interactivity and customer engagement
  •  Growth in customer satisfaction
  •  Increased sales and ROI
  •  Improved brand recognition and customer loyalty

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We think you will love it. We have used it ourselves for 6 years and it’s a fantastic platform.

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Faster and Smarter Customer Service has never been easier with Live Chat