Joomla Support Services

For many years now, we have serviced and maintained Joomla and WordPress websites for our customers. Now, we offer it to anyone running these popular CMS platforms.

We choose to offer Joomla to our customers, as it’s robust, superbly coded and scalable. It is perfect for any sized business and can cater for the most intricate of set-ups, BUT it must be maintained. We provide monthly and annual Professional Joomla Maintenance Contracts. From as little as £7.50 per month or £75.00 per year, we will keep your Joomla site patched and up to date.

Joomla Maintenance Contract

This costs £7.50 per month OR £75.00 per annum and includes the following.

  • Patching within 72 hours of a security release
  • Backup & Restore Option
  • 3rd Party Plugin Check & Report

Note: This is an incremental service and excludes major version upgrades. For example, if you are on version 2.5 (LTS) we will patch all patch releases e.g 2.5.8, 2.5.9, 2.5.10 etc. We will NOT upgrade you to version 3 when this becomes LTS, although we do offer this as a service extra.

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WordPress Maintenance Contract

Much like the Joomla contract, we will maintain your website and ensure it’s patched, covering the following

  • Patching within 72 hours of a security release
  • Backup & Restore Option
  • 3rd Party Plugin Check & Report
  • Major Release Updates (with warning to client regarding possible plugin issues)

Unlike Joomla, wordpress major upgrades can generally be done without much impact or planning, however certain 3rd party plugins must be considered as upgrades can disable certain plugins. We will advise what 3rd party plugins may fail under a major release.

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Getting Started: Getting started is as simple as placing your order online. Once you have done so, we will be in touch within 24 hours (working week assumed). If you are an existing customer of ours, with a website installed on our servers, we will allocate the service contract immediately and begin the maintenance schedule. You can sit back, relax and leave the maintenance to us. As an existing customer of ours, you will have the added benefit of R1sync protection, allowing us to reverse any changes in the event of a problem, at the click of a button. We have 5 day archival system running with our enterprise backup systems.

If you are a new customer with a Joomla or WordPress website, ordering a maintenance contract, firstly, allow us to welcome you on-board. You have made a good choice. We will be in touch shortly to obtain the relevant access information (FTP and Admin access). As standard, we perform a site audit to verify the status of the website. It is assumed you have a functional website and without current issues. If w

We strive to be the best Website and Joomla Support Services Company in the nation. Building long-term relationships and producing results are our top 2 priorities.