Do you backup your websites and databases?

The chances are, you are among many who don’t even give this a second thought but it’s important that you do! Please take a moment to make yourself aware of the limitations of your hosting and pitfalls of not backing up your own data. Read through this page to discover the facts, options and how to guide for generating your own backups. Watch the video below.

Website Hosting & Backups

Customers of W.E.B.S Ltd pay for website hosting services from as little as £59 + vat per year and this provides commercial website hosting on our web servers, e-mail, control panel and database support. As per our Terms and Conditions, we are responsible for providing this service and if necessary fixing it, should any problems arise.

Did you know that YOU are responsible for backups?

We are responsible for maintaining the service and as many of you will know, rarely does the service go down and if it does, we fix it swiftly and with minimal hassle. The fact is though, IF a complete disaster was to occur, YOU are responsible for the integrity of your own backups. We have made this known numerous times before, but felt the need to write this post due to one client losing their entire website and database (explained further down).

Un-Official and FREE Backup Protection

For our own peace of mind, we provide R1 Soft Enterprise on ALL of our website hosting packages. We do NOT charge clients for this, as we feel it offers both us and our clients peace of mind to have some kind of backup protection in place. As it stands, should we need to restore a website or database, it can be done within a 5 day window and at a charge. If a disaster was to occur, there is some protection in place.

  1. R1 Soft Backs Up Websites & Data every night at 1am
  2. R1 Soft retains backups for a maximum of 5 days

Limitations of the FREE R1 Solution

R1 is a fantastic system which we pay for ourselves and do not pass the fee to clients, however as we only hold backups for 5 days, we can ONLY cater for restorations within this period. In the event of your website being hacked, broken or the entire server breaks down and data is lost, we can ONLY protect 5 days worth of data and even then, we are NOT liable for restoring data, only providing the actual hosting service!

The fact is, in the unlikely event of a total failure, hack or irreversible issue with your website, YOU need a backup plan?

Case Study

One unfortunate client did not notice their website had been down for nearly 1 month. A vulnerability in WordPress had occurred and the website files had been corrupted and database files partially emptied. This issue could have been resolved for a small restore fee IF we had of been informed within 5 days. Due to the fact no notification came for nearly a month, nothing could be done and the entire website was lost.

This could have been avoided if the client had put in place a proper backup plan for disaster recovery.

The DIY Option is totally FREE

We provide each and every customer with Cpanel access to their website hosting. Many customers have multiple hosting packages so this information applies to ‘each CPanel’. You have the tools included within your CPanel to take backups and hold them off-site for FREE. It will take you a few mouse clicks and 10 minutes of your time to perform and the process is as follows

  1. Log into your CPanel
  2. Click on Backup Wizard
  3. Click on Backup button & Then on ‘Full Backup’
  4. Choose where your backup should be stored (e.g HOME directory or REMOTE FTP)
  5. Enter an email address so the server can notify you once the backup is complete

NOTE: Do NOT make the mistake of running this process and leaving the backup on the server! Once the backup is run, you should always download it and store it locally ‘just in case’. You can hold this local backup for maybe 3 months, 6 months or however long you see fit. The more frequently you backup, the more up to date your backup will be ‘just in case’ you need it!

We feel the need to motivate our customers to take control of their data in case of an emergency. Some customers will likely action this immediately and take control over their data, but some won’t because of either a lack of time or knowledge in this area. As a result, we have installed a link to Amazon S3 servers to provide a third level option for backups which will act as a disaster recovery ‘just in case’ failsafe backup system.

Amazon S3 servers are high end cloud based servers which we have access to from our dedicated servers. We have now set-up a backup system for each level of hosting package, so that you can choose to have backups automated, off-site and retained for 3 months ‘just in case’.

In the event of any kind of problem, you will have the peace of mind that your data is held off-site and can be restored. Backups will be set to run on the 1st and the 15th of each month and held for 3 months before being cycled out.

  • Backup Facts
  • You are responsible for backups
  • We provide FREE tools via CPanel
  • FREE R1Soft Enterprise (Non Guaranteed)
  • FREE 5 Day Archival (Non Guaranteed)
  • £FREE
  • Level 1 S3 Backups
  • Suitable for Linux Bronze
  • Suitable for Linux Silver
  • Suitable for Linux Gold
  • 1st and 15th Backups via S3
  • 3 Month Data Retention
  • £25.00 p/a
  • Level 2 S3 Backups
  • Suitable for Business Starter
  • Suitable for Business Standard
  • Suitable for Business Pro
  • 1st and 15th Backups via S3
  • 3 Month Data Retention
  • £35.00 p/a
  • Level 3 S3 Backups
  • Suitable for VS300
  • Suitable for VS750
  • Suitable for VS1000
  • 1st and 15th Backups via S3
  • 3 Month Data Retention
  • £50.00 p/a


Some VS customers are already paying for R1 soft backups. This is an additional longer term data backup service which is optional if you require more than 5 days backups to be retained.

Do I really need this?

Only you can answer that, but for a small amount of money you have peace of mind that your website and data can be restored in the event of a total failure. If you were away on holiday and didn’t know your website had gone down due to a hack and you couldn’t inform us within 5 days, do you have a backup? If we don’t back it up, you need to!

I need some help

We have written instructions on how to take the backups yourself which is FREE and within the service already provided. We will also be releasing a video walkthrough guide to make this even clearer for you.

Where to store it locally?

Flash drives, local hard drives, icloud or dropbox are all ideal locations. The point is to have a backup ‘just in case’ the server went down and was beyond repair and R1 failed. It doesn’t matter where you store it locally, as long as you can get hold of it IF the need arises.