Google Apps Facelift Update

As you’ve probably seen when using Google Apps, there is a new look and feel across Google products to make the interfaces consistent, streamlined, and easier to use. Personally, we think this is great and the improvements are really good but who would expect any less from google? At the moment, the new look is optional although we switched over straight away to get a look and get used it to assist our clients, if they have any questions.

The New Look for Gmail, Calendar, Docs, and Sites

The new look is optional now, but will soon become permanent for all Google Apps users. These are target release dates and subject to change (see the New Look site for details):


When the new look become permanent


Tuesday December 13, 2011


Tuesday December 13, 2011


Beginning of January 2012


The new looks starts to roll out as the default interface on
Tuesday, December 13, and continues to the end of the week.
After that, the new look will become permanent within weeks.

Steps to help you and your users transition to the new look:

Use the new look now

See the Google Apps New Look site. You’ll find steps to enable the new look as well as the latest release schedule. Communicate to your users and helpdesk staff

On the New Look site, you’ll find email templates and customizable presentations to help communicate the changes.

Tip: For Gmail, use the one-time switch in the control panel to opt-in all your users, and control the timing of when they see the new look.

Help your users get up to speedPoint your users to the Learning Center for guides, tips, and videos. Please plan to update any custom training material you’ve developed.

Please see the New Look site for the latest schedule information. We hope you find the refreshed interfaces easier to use and navigate.


Will Google Apps users be switched over right away?

No, we’ll roll out updates on an ongoing basis, releasing them initially to consumers, with some services offering an opt-in/opt-out option for Google Apps users. We’ll then phase changes for Google Apps users through the Google App Release Track process.


When will the new look be made available to Google Apps users?
The rollout will follow the Google Apps Release Track process. This means that administrators can choose the Rapid Release track to receive the new look at the roughly same time as consumers. Or they can choose the Scheduled Release track to receive changes later and take more time to prepare for the transition.

Administrators who choose the Scheduled Release track will have more time after the Rapid Release date before changes become available to their users (instead of the usual one-week lag between Rapid and Scheduled releases).


How can I keep up to date on the changes?
We will continually update this site ( with the latest information and resources as the new look is introduced to services in Google Apps. Some services will offer an opt-in/opt-option so you can see the latest interfaces, and we’ll include instructions as soon as the options available. We also suggest signing up for the Google Apps Updates feed to receive information about the new look schedule and other Apps feature releases in your inbox.


What resources are available to get up to speed with the new look?
We understand that users may want some guidance on what’s new. In addition to instructions on how to opt-in/opt-out for some services, we’ll provide videos, template slide decks, and tip guides to help you introduce the new look to your users.


How can I give feedback on the new look?
We welcome your input and comments on the design changes and updates. We’ll publish a feedback form on this page and in the Google Apps Help Centers as soon the new look begins to roll out.


Can I choose to opt-out of the new look?
With some services, Google Apps users can opt-out of the new look temporarily. But eventually, the changes will be released to everyone permanently.