The end of Google Apps for FREE Use

A shame, but not surprising. Initially, users were able to sign up and benefit from a FREE google apps account for e-mail and cloud facilities but the end is here. This morning, we received notification that within the next 30 days, FREE use will be withdrawn.

The FREE account was excellent, but in a way undermined the business account. I can’t say I blame them, although it’s a shame that the business account doesn’t inherit some of the benefits of having a free account, mainly the fact you can add up to 10 users!

The FREE google business apps account came with 7GB of storage (compared to 25GB with business) and despite being less ‘syncable’ with mobile devices, it served the purpose perfectly.

The business account is fantastic and we are 100% behind it. For £3.50 per month, you really can’t knock it. 25GB of storage with word processing suite included plus 5GB of google drive space…. wow! We actively put this in for our small business customers who are fed up with excessive prices on Microsoft SBS and the related IT hardware, software and support costs which undoubtedly go alongside it. £42 per user, per year for a no hassle, extremely effective solution.

Farewell FREE google apps.

View the Google Apps Video here

If you haven’t already moved your business onto Google Apps, you really should. It’s awesome and for £42 per year, it’s a no brainer.