DNS Changer Virus and Spoof IT Support Calls


This afternoon, our accountant phoned us in somewhat of a panic. He had taken a phone call from ‘Microsoft’ or someone who at least claimed to be from Microsoft. They proceeded to inform him that his laptop was infected with the DNS changer virus. Not only is this a valid virus (if you google it, you will see) but they convinced him by confirming what laptop he was using, what operating system and version he had and what his name and address was!

Obviously, this is alarming and even more convincing when they ask you to visit a website to prove it (now comes the harder element of the scam). They direct you to a website (with microsoft in the URL somewhere, although not the primary domain name) and it is this visit which infects your computer with a control facility. From this point on you are advised to pay for a support contract running into several hundred pounds which is when my accountant smelt a rat and hung up, but it’s too late as they have access now.

The now infected machine is generating warnings to state the system is infected and is using an illegal licence. Unless payment is made, the whole system will shut down and all data will be lost. An immediate reboot made matters worse with the screen now lying on it’s side and making it hard to use….

Avoid calls from 02088199804

To fix this, simply reboot your computer and tap F8 at start up. Get into the start-up menu and select ‘Last Known Good Configuration’. If this doesn’t fix it, you need to boot again and tap F8 again, this time selecting ‘Safe Mode’ without networking. Once in windows, search for ‘System Restore’. Select a date from 1 – 2 days prior and restore your system. This will leave your files and documents alone, but restore the system to a state before the chancres got onto your computer and tried to rob you off your hard earned cash!!

You can click here for microsoft help file on the matter