Connect your business in the Cloud

We have been providing customers with e-commerce shopping systems for many years now and for most, they are an extension of their off-line business yet are not united seemlessly, forcing the site owner to re-enter information into 3rd party accounts packages.

Times are changing and we are now seeing an explosion in cloud based solutions which unite various aspects of a business and the software(s) they choose to run it. We are now integrating multiple applications within a a single cloud based system that enables a live data flow to and from the e-commerce system and 3rd party softwares.

Automate your workflows and connect your business

Forget about cut and paste. We are now able to connect your e-commerce store with up to 50 different applications ranging from CRM, Email Marketing, Accounting, Billing, Invoicing, eCommerce stores and more. There’s no need to download excel spreadsheets or match up CSV files. Connect your apps and synchronize your data!

Configure, Test, Schedule and relax ….

We will look at which applications you are running and propose a solution which units them all. An example below shows a common scenario we are preparing for many of our customers, all of which can unit into one cloud based application and keep all of your software up to date easily and effectively.

  • Orders received by E-Commerce Platform
  • Orders received by eBay Shop
  • Orders received by a 2nd E-Commerce Shop

In almost all cases, customers will have orders arriving which are then re-entered into an accounts package. We can change this and connect each of the applications to automatically flow customer data, orders, invoices, payments receipts and more into a single cloud based file which is the pushed into your chosen accounts based systems.

Example PUSH

  • Data collected from 3 applications above are PUSHed into 3rd party accounts system e.g Kashflow, Freshbooks, Xero

The data can be scheduled hourly or more and the API (software which connects the systems) can be adjusted to suit your needs. For example, if a company is running two websites like the example above, we can easily import clients as site1_ and site2_ and even ebay_ so that customers are tagged to allow you to easily differentiate between customers on the centralised system.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“All I can say is a BIG thank you, from me AND my bookkeeper. Through to detailed answers to my initial enquiries, amazingly fast setup of all the integrations (currently 6 platforms connected) and timely fixes, You have helped make our live’s easier! With an increasingly important need to seemlessly share data between various systems and key stakeholders this is an amazing solution.”

The bottom line

We appreciate that sometimes customers can be baffled by technology and emerging solutions, but this truly is a step forward that can revolutionise your business and cut costs. Automating the flow of data to and from your data applications (websites, blogs, mailing programs, crm, e-commerce stores and more) saves you spending so much time managing them and allows you to concentrate on the actual business, rather than administration processes.

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