Google Apps for Work Unlimited

For £9.95 per month or £99.95 + vat per year, we will configure your domain name, manage your DNS and set you up with Google Apps Unlimited. This is the premium business version of Google Business Apps for Work. In addition to everything available in Google Apps for Work, it includes unlimited storage and Google Vault for everyone in your organization, plus additional Drive administration, auditing, and reporting features.

We are Google Authorized Resellers for Google Apps and provide installation, training, and support for all services contained in the Google Apps suite of services.

With Google Apps for Work Unlimited, your users can:

Store as many files in Google Drive as they need, as well as unlimited Gmail messages and Google+ Photos. Users no longer need to pick and choose only the most valuable content, saving them time and worry. (If you have 4 or fewer users in your organization, each user gets 1 TB of storage.)

In addition, administrators can:

  • Use Google Vault to retain, archive, search, and export your organization’s email for your eDiscovery and compliance needs. Learn more
  • Use Vault to also search across all files in Drive and export files based on searches. Learn more
  • Gain additional insights with advanced Drive audit reporting and APIs. Learn more
  • Specify exactly which users can do the following, based on organizational units:
    • Download or use Google Drive for Mac/PC to sync Drive files with their computer. Learn more
    • Enable offline access to Google Docs editors. Learn more
    • Open files in web apps installed from the Chrome Web Store. Learn more
    • Use Google Docs add-ons built by other developers. Learn more

Whether you choose Google Apps for Work or the Unlimited version, you are in good hands

  • Access your e-mail, documents, calendar from any location and any computer or mobile device
  • No need to buy ANY software or ever upgrade again as it’s all included in your annual fee
  • 1TB of storage (more if you need) to house your business e-mail and files in a business cloud
  • No hardware to buy/upgrade/maintain and no 3rd party IT staff to keep it running
  • No downtime when your computer crashes or gets infected with a virus. Just log in from another computer!

How can we help?

Simple, we will make some technical modifications to your domain names and systems to allow a direct flow through the business apps system. You don’t need to do a single thing, we will handle the entire process for you.

Once we have performed the necessary work and set you up, your domain name will be transformed into a direct route to the cloud. NOTE: This will NOT effect your website with us in any way whatseover.

You will benefit from the following (using yourdomain as example)


As shown in the video above, you will have access to your e-mail from any location.


E-Mail wherever you go

Once we have migrated you into the business apps system, you will be able to sync ALL of your computers, laptops and phones with the e-mail system.


Unlimited storage

Each user gets 1TB as standard for email storage, so they can keep important messages and find them instantly with built-in Google search.

Gmail is designed so employees can spend less time managing their inboxes, and more time being productive. Time-saving features like message threading, message labels, fast message search and powerful spam filtering help employees work efficiently with high volumes of email.


Mobile email, calendar and IM access

With several options for accessing their information while on the go, employees can be productive with Google Apps even when they’re not at their desks.

At no extra charge, Google Apps supports over-the-air mobile access on BlackBerry devices, the iPhone, Windows Mobile, Android and many less powerful phones.


99.9% uptime reliability guarantee with synchronous replication

We guarantee that Google Apps will be available at least 99.9% of the time, so your employees are more productive and so you can worry less about system downtime.**


Information security and compliance

When you trust your company’s information to Google, you can be confident that your critical information is safe and secure.

Google’s information security team, including some of the world’s foremost experts in information, application and network security, are focused on keeping your information safe. Google and many other customers trust this system with highly sensitive corporate data.

Businesses get these customizable security features with Google Apps:

  • Custom spam and inbound mail filtering tools, powered by Postini, to complement powerful spam filters that automatically work with no up-front configuration.
  • Custom outbound mail filtering tools to prevent sensitive information from being distributed, powered by Postini.
  • Custom information sharing rules to determine how broadly employees are allowed to share with Google Docs, Google Calendar and Google Sites.
  • Custom password length requirements and visual strength indicators to help employees pick secure passwords.
  • Enforced SSL connections with Google Apps to ensure secure HTTPS access.
  • Optional email archiving, up to 10 years of retention.

Google Accredited

We service hundreds of business clients with Google Business Apps and provide full support and dns management for the entire cloud based suite. If you require reliable business email, look no further.