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Phoenix Aromas
Phoenix Aromas
16:23 12 May 22
Knowledgable team who created a custom theme for our WordPress website and built a custom product database for us to manage technical products. Easy to work with and efficient in their workflow. Would recommend.read more
Gary Hughes
Gary Hughes
15:21 21 Dec 21
Our company have used W.E.B.S Ltd for many years and found the quality of the work to be very good, we have recently had them develop an app for our engineering department and they have walked us through the app very professinally and been extremely responsive when we have required changes.read more
Star Eastern
Star Eastern
10:44 28 Mar 20
I have worked with Justin for long period.To work with him is very easy and he always provide you the GREAT services.Recommend him A+++++++++++++read more
Elliott Callahan
Elliott Callahan
15:02 27 Sep 19
Excellent service from a very knowledgeable provider. WEBS has helped me immensely with my business website, social media presence as well as a whole host of other areas. Could not recommend anyone else for your business. Always there to answer any issues you may have and is super helpful in advising you on the best methods to boost your business’ online appearance. 5 Stars!read more
Pete Brown
Pete Brown
09:17 14 Jun 19
I have had my current website for a number of years thinking it was okay but when Justin designed me a new one I couldn’t believe the difference.It is very unique and i have had lots of feedback from friends and customers as to the positive change.He is patient, adaptive to change and very skilled in his profession.I believe my business will benefit solely from this change in Website.I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.read more
Bill McElhinney
Bill McElhinney
15:13 20 Feb 19
Excellent service from WEBS. They built two websites for me in WordPress and ran a successful SEO campaign over a 12 month period. Justin is very tech savvy and manages all my domains, web hosting and DNS, plus I recently moved onto the G-Suite platform for business email. Overall, I would recommend this company as being efficient, reasonably priced and highly competent.read more
Hazel Bate
Hazel Bate
13:14 21 Dec 18
The website Justin wrote for me looks really impressive and I’m getting great positive feedback from others looking at it. I’m sure it will help my business with moving forward. Justin was very quick at doing any work requested, even when he had other commitments, with patient professionalism and efficiency. I thought his development costs were very fair too. His support of my old website was always reliable and good advice given. Thank you Justinread more
Roger Ellis
Roger Ellis
11:40 27 Sep 18
I have worked with Justin and WEBS Limited for more years than I care to remember. He designs all of my websites and is my top “guru” when any internet related issues arrive. I have found him thoroughly professional, incredibly knowledgeable, easy to work with – and his rates are very competitive. 100% recommended. The best in the game in my view.read more
Louise Lee
Louise Lee
10:25 21 Sep 18
In May 2016 I was not a client of WEBS but that didn’t prevent Justin from leaping into action with no notice at all. My website had been hacked and in no time at all Justin had created a temporary solution and gave sound, sensible advice as to how to deal with the hack. For me it was an anxiety ridden morning, for Justin, it’s just what he does, with ease, grace and expertise.Roll forward a few years and Justin is still expertly doing his stuff and whenever I make ridiculous requests, he suggests the correct solution. Justin is always working to make my site better, to encourage more visitors and he suggests practical ways to achieve this. He spent a lot of time helping and researching my SEO and suggesting blogs I could write. Justin gives me frequent updates on the website’s performance and is always at the end of a phone if I want to discuss anything. For all things webby, Justin is my trusted advisor and I always recommend him where possible.If ever you’ve worked with a web designer or SEO expert and you feel either bamboozled or as if it’s all smoke and mirrors, go to Justin because he expertly guides you through every part of the process and gives practical support and advice.read more
Lee Paul Heron
Lee Paul Heron
20:12 07 Sep 18
I’ve been a customer of W.E.B.S Ltd for over ten years now, and I have no intention of moving elsewhere. They have hosted multiple business websites, personal websites and email services for me over the years, with almost no issues, and better than 99.9% uptime. Excellent quality, fast, reliable servers, and quick expert support on hand whenever needed. I would have no hesitation in recommending Justin and the team. Thank you all, and best wishes for another ten years.read more
Darrin Bonfield
Darrin Bonfield
09:10 07 Sep 18
Justin at WEBS I have personally known for several years of which I then gave the task to build and design my Martial Arts website. This has turned out to be a viable asset to my business and has been built and maintained to a very high and professional standard.I can’t recommend Justin highly enough as his knowledge for web design, technical support and fault diagnosis is 2nd to none. If your looking at investment for your business with total confidence give Justin a call you won’t regret it!!DarrinNTKD Schools.read more
Patrick Marston
Patrick Marston
07:35 07 Sep 18
I’ve always found W.E.B.S Ltd to be highly skilled website designers, developers and marketing specialists that are incredibly helpful with any technical issues I’ve had, replying speedily with a solution. W.E.B.S Ltd also communicate relatively complex tasks into easy-to-understand terms that allows you to maintain your own website too, which is very useful. I can’t recommend these guys enough.read more
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This month, we cover the following additions to the website portal.

  1. Email Approval System
  2. 2FA (Two Factor Authentication)
  3. New Email Filtering Service

We have recently changed our Domain & Hosting Portal software. You will notice next time you log in, the design and layout have changed for your account and management area. This, we hope, will be easier for you to use and manage your domain names and services with us.

Email Approval

As part of a recent upgrade, email approval is required for each account. When you next log in to your account area, you may see the warning message on your dashboard as per the following screen shot. If you see this, please click the button to resend the approval email.

Email Verification System

Simply check your email and confirm it by clicking the link provided.

2FA (Two Factor Authentication) News

2FA otherwise known as Two Factor Authentication is now available for your account. This is optional for the moment, although we plan to make it mandatory in future. Some of you may be using 2FA already on other sites and this will be a welcome addition and easy to integrate.

For those unfamiliar with 2FA, I am explaining how to set it up and use it to secure access to your account area.

In simple terms, 2FA ensures only you, the account holder can access your account by entering a unique code, generate by an app on your smart phone.

How to enable 2FA

Log in to your account and click on Security Settings

Using the drop down on the right-hand side (as shown in the screen shot below) click on Security Settings

Enable 2FA Set Up Instructions

You will be presented with a screen as shown below.

Enable 2FA

To get started, simply click on the button which says ‘Click here to get started’ and a pop-up window will display as follows

First Stage of setting up 2FA

Once you click ‘Get Started’ you will be presented with a screen that displays a secret key code that you can scan using Google Authenticator on your smartphone. This is supported on Android / iOS devices.

Install Google Authenticator on your Smart Phone

Grab your phone and visit the app store or play store and search for ‘Google Authenticator

  1. Google Authenticator on iOS App Store
  2. Google Authenticator on Play Store

Once installed, run the Authenticator App on your phone and click the + button (located top right of app)

Select the option to ‘Scan Barcode’ which turns on your camera. Point your camera at the bar code displayed on screen


Once you scan the unique code (by pointing your camera at the bar code on the screen), it will complete the security set-up and 2FA will be enabled for your account.

If done correctly, you should see the following screen

2FA Backup Code

As shown in the screenshot, keep a copy of your backup code safe in case you ever get locked out of your account.

Logging in with 2FA enabled

The set-up is now complete. Next time you log in to your account, it will ask for your normal email and password to log in, plus a 2FA code. This is a 6 digit number which is generated by your Google Authenticator app.

Simply run the Google Authenticator App on your phone and view the code.

Note: The code changes every 20 seconds and a new unique code will be generated.

Google Authenticator Screen Shot

Each time you log in, run the Google Authenticator App and enter the 6 digit code displayed.

That’s it. You are now 2FA secured and ONLY  you can access your account.

New Email Filtering Service

Most of our customers use G-Suite or 365 Mail. For those who use email on our servers, we now offer a professional email filtering system.

From your account dashboard, you will notice a new service for Mail Filtering

Mail Filtering Services

Email Filtering Services

Why Choose SpamExperts Incoming Filter?

Incoming Email Filtering filters all inbound email and eliminates spam & viruses before these threats reach your network at a nearly 100% accuracy rate. The extensive control panel allows you to remain in full control. Moreover, in case your email server is down, your email will be queued. Queued email can be accessed, read, and replied to via the web interface adding to your inbound email continuity!

Why do you need a professional Incoming Filter?

Stop running the risk of IT network threats. If your Inbox is crowded with unsolicited bulk mail every day, then that’s a sign you need a professional Incoming Filter solution. Get full protection for your Inbox and say goodbye to spam, virus, and malware threats!

How it works

Once your domain is (automatically) deployed to the Incoming Filter, and filtering is activated, an email will pass through the SpamExperts filtering cloud. Incoming emails are securely analysed and scanned in real-time. No training or configurations are required and everything works out of the box. Any message detected as spam is moved to the quarantine, while non-spam is sent to your email server. The quarantine can be monitored in the user-friendly SpamPanel, through email reports, or even directly in your email client! No more wasted time in dealing with spam, simply focus your energy on business tasks, while you remain in full control.

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